How to get more positive reviews on TripAdvisor

December 30, 2019. Updated August 25, 2020

TripAdvisor offers reviews and opinions covering accommodations, restaurants and attractions around the world, and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features. If you have a TripAdvisor listing with reviews, you should showcase them on your website to build trust and increase conversion rate.
This is where Repuso come in. Repuso can monitor your tripadvisor page (and other social channels), collect your reviews and showcase them on your website in several ways that your visitors will love!

How to reduce bad reviews and get more positive reviews on TripAdvisor?

With Repuso, you can request reviews from your clients and route the good reviews to TripAdvisor (which will be collected by Repuso), while the bad reviews go to your Repuso account.
This is done by a fully customizable “How was your experience?” landing page, such as this one:

When a client click on Good experience, he/she is routed to leave a review on social channels to your choice, such as:

When they click on Could be better, they are routed to a form to leave a review, such as:

How to collect more positive reviews on TripAdvisor?

  1. Locate the link to leave a review on your TripAdvisor page & copy it to clipboard

  2. If you already have a Repuso account - login here. If not - click here to sign up.

  3. On Repuso dashborad, go to “Collect” on the left menu, then “Review Sources” tab

  4. Add your TripAdvisor review source by clicking on “Add new review source” button

  5. Click on the plus icon, choose TripAdvisor image or upload your own

  6. Paste the review link you copied on the first step

    You can add any review source you’d like here

  7. Go to “Routing” tab and enable the “Routing enabled” checkbox

  8. Go to “Distribute” tab, where you’ll find the link to send to your clients in order to ask for reviews. You’ll also find options to send it as an email signature, embed on your website and more

  9. In case you haven’t done so already - setup TripAdvisor channel & widget in order to collect reviews from your page

  10. All reviews collected from your TripAdvisor page will appear on your “Inbox” (unless you’ve enabled auto approval for 5 star reviews). Only approved reviews appear on your TripAdvisor reviews widget

  11. That’s it!

If you have any feedback or other comments, please let us know in the comments below or by sending us an email!

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