January 30, 2022. Updated January 31, 2022

Although we offer integrations to many popular review platforms, there’s always a chance you have reviews on other platforms that you’d like to showcase on your website.
Now you can! We’re happy to offer support for custom review sources - any source! Here’s how it works:

Add your custom sources

  1. If you already have a Repuso account - login here. If not - click here to sign up.

  2. Go to “Posts” on the left menu and find the “Sources” tab on the right:
  3. Click on the “+ Source” button at the top right, that’ll open this dialog to add your new source (we’ve added Wordpress here as an example):
  4. New source is added!
    Now let’s see how to use the new source:

Import your custom source reviews from CSV file

  1. On “Posts” section, go to “Inbox” tab and click on the “Import” button at the top right to open the import process:
  2. Prepare your CSV file with all the reviews you’d like to import according to instructions - there’s a sample CSV file available for download along with field explanation:
  3. In order to assign the review to the new source you’ve added, enter the source name in the “source” column in the CSV file (“Wordpress” in our example)
  4. Click on “Select file” button to select your CSV file:
  5. Before the actual import, you’ll get an overview of the valid and invalid entries along with changes instructions if needed
  6. Click on “Import now” button to perform the import:
  7. Done! Reviews are imported and assigned to the new source!
  8. And looking great on widgets :)

Manually add a custom source review

  1. On “Posts” section, go to “Inbox” tab and click on the “+ Post” button at the top right
  2. Choose your source to assign it to the review:
  3. Done!

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