April 17, 2016. Updated August 21, 2020

The last few months we have been constantly improving Repuso. Some improvements are invisible to the naked eye, but also some interesting new features! We’ll highlight some for you here.

Post filtering

Companies with a lot of mentions and channels will enjoy this feature.

You are now able filter your Repuso inbox and other tabs. Enter your search query or filter on channels and tags. Need more filter options? Let us know!


A lot of people asked for the possibility to add team-members to the Repuso dashboard. If you subscribed to the Repuso professional plan, you can now add users. These users can curate your posts but don’t have access to administrative pages.


Also a much requested option: changing the font of widgets! We’ve listened and added all Google web fonts to the widgets. Choose your favorite that matches your design the best.

Ordering of posts

Like that one testimonial from a while ago? Move it to the top of your widgets again. While hovering on a post you will now see a re-order icon with which you can drag the post to a desired position.

That’s it for now! As usual, let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions on improving Repuso. Just comment below the post!

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