The Best Review Management Software For 2021

January 25, 2021

Exceptional customer service and the reviews to boot is one of the best ways to drive brand success. By consistently displaying positive reviews, you give prospective clients the social proof they seek as a demonstration of your quality. In addition to the peace of mind this gives first-time buyers, it can also improve your SEO ranking, increase brand trust, and ultimately boost sales.
However, capitalizing on customer feedback can be tricky if you aren’t experienced with web technologies. That’s where reputation management software comes in handy. It helps you to maximize the impact of reviews on your business. But in an increasingly crowded marketplace, which solution should you choose?

Read on to find out which review management software will help take your brand image to new heights in 2021.

(Spoiler: the best review management software is Repuso)


Elfsight provides a wide range of different widgets for websites, such as Instagram Feeds and YouTube Galleries. Pertinently, the company also offers its own review management software widget. A strength of Elfsight widgets lies in the ease of use. No prior coding knowledge is required for implementation.
That being said, the platform only provides a very limited review management service. It only allows 5,000 widget reviews a month and cannot display reviews from multiple channels on the same widget. Additionally, Elfsight’s reputation management widget doesn’t provide the option to include video reviews.
In terms of pricing structure, Elfsight costs $5 per month per channel. This seems very affordable at first glance but can quickly start adding up as your business grows.


Unlike Elfsight, Nicejob is a product that is dedicated to reputation management. Accordingly, the platform gives you the functionality to show reviews from multiple channels on the same widget. It also offers customers a smart review collecting feature to help streamline the process of managing reviews. However, Nicejob also lacks some important features.
Firstly, the Nicejob widget does not allow for multiple website and business management. This is problematic if you are overseeing multiple companies or even just several websites for a single business. Additionally, the platform also doesn’t accommodate sought-after video reviews on its widget.
To top it all off, Nicejob’s fees are much higher than many other reputation management applications. Their most affordable option, the standard package, is still relatively pricey, coming in at $75 per month.


Endorsal offers a more affordable pricing structure. The platform is extremely user-friendly and can be up and running within ten minutes. It comes complete with some very useful features but there are also a few limitations. For instance, it’s possible to sync the widget with different channels or platforms, but this is only limited to Facebook and Google.
Similarly, Endorsal allows users to show reviews from multiple channels on a single widget, but only from two channels.
Endorsal’s fees range from $29 per month for the starter package, up to $239 per month for the advanced package. But it’s important to note that the starter package only includes a modest allowance of 2,500 monthly view display limit.


Birdeye is a customer experience platform that enables its customers to collate user reviews in addition to a range of other features. These include a messaging platform for customer service teams and the option to use data from customer surveys. Importantly, the platform also allows its clients to display reviews from multiple channels on the same widget.
However, Birdeye has some shortcomings that can also be restrictive. Firstly, the solution doesn’t allow for multiple website and business management, which is inconvenient for larger organizations.
Secondly, there is no option for including video reviews in the widget. What’s more, a free trial isn’t available to test the waters nor is the installation free. This can be a hindrance to welcoming new users who can’t try the software before making a commitment.
Birdeye’s cheapest option is the Standard package, which costs $299 per month. This can be prohibitively expensive for many companies.


One of the more affordable options, BrightLocal, is dedicated to improving local SEO rankings and reputation management. You can use this reputation management solution to manage multiple websites and businesses, and also show reviews from multiple channels on a single widget.
But for all its great features, BrightLocal is also lacking in some key areas. These limitations include no option for showing video reviews, no WordPress plugin, and no custom CSS. Additionally, there is no option for a free trial to test drive the service before fully investing.
In terms of the pricing, BrightLocal charges $8 per month for each channel. This is one of the more affordable options but the price can quickly rise if your company is expanding as previously stated. is a dedicated reputation management application that comes with a range of great features. Customers benefit from multiple website and business management as well as reviews from multiple channels on a single widget. However, like BrightLocal the platform doesn’t allow for video reviews, custom CSS, nor does it come with a WordPress plugin.
Additionally, the fees for are on the higher end of the reputation management software cost spectrum. The cheapest option is $180 per month for the Professional package. This rises to $400 per month for the Agency package and an astronomical $2,500 per month for the Partner package.


Repuso consistently scores highly on all the key metrics for measuring the value and performance of review management software. The platform offers a full range of features, including multiple website and business management in addition to game-changing video reviews. You can also show reviews from multiple channels on a single Repuso widget. In addition to this, the service includes smart review collector functionality, a WordPress plugin, and custom CSS.
Even with this impressive functionality suite, the Repuso pricing structure is among the most affordable on the market. The basic plan is only $9 month, which includes unlimited reviews, two widgets, and collect routing. Unlike most other solutions that use the price per channel model, Repuso’s $9 per month basic plan covers all channels. This makes it even more attractive than competitor products.

And The Best Review Management Software For 2021 Is… Repuso!

While there are numerous reputation management software options available, Repuso stands head and shoulders above the rest. The platform has all the features progressive companies look for in a top-level review management solution. It also gives users the benefit of the most competitive pricing, easy usability and effortless set up.
Here’s how Repuso compare with the alternatives.
If you’re striving to enhance your brand image in 2021, Repuso is the reputation management software your company should rely upon.

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