How to show HomeAdvisor reviews widget on your website

September 29, 2020. Updated January 4, 2021

HomeAdvisor helped make millions of matches between consumers and service professionals and give you the advantage of 70+ years of accumulated knowledge in the home services industry.
From proprietary matching service, to the more than 1,200 home related articles on HomeAdvisor, they offer the most comprehensive Internet tool available to consumers looking for home services,
plus a growing portfolio of local services.
This is where Repuso come in. Repuso can monitor your HomeAdvisor page (and other social channels), collect your reviews and showcase them on your website in several ways that your visitors will love!

Lets embed HomeAdvisor reviews widget on your site

  1. If you already have a Repuso account - login here. If not - click here to sign up.

  2. Go to “Channels”, click on “Add channel” button and find “HomeAdvisor” channel

  3. Click on HomeAdvisor and enter your listing URL

  4. Next, you’ll need to create a new widget. A widget is a way to implement the reviews on your website. You can create multiple and different widgets for different sections on your website.

  5. Click on “Widgets” and then “Add widget” button

  6. Choose the widget of your choice and give it a description that you’ll recognize later

  7. This is the code that you’ll need to implement on your website (are you using WordPress? Use the Repuso WordPress plugin for easy implementation)

  8. You can customize the look and feel of the widget to match to your website (the “Layout” tab) along with selective reviews (“Content” tab).

  9. Each review collected from your HomeAdvisor account will appear on your “Inbox”. It’ll appear on your widget only after you approve it

  10. That’s it! Your widget will always be up to date with the latest reviews.

If you have any feedback or other comments, please let us know in the comments below or by sending us an email!

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