June 23, 2020. Updated August 21, 2020

It was difficult during the peak of COVID19, still we managed to progress and have been working hard on new exciting things.

All widgets had been re-written from scratch

No, we don’t have too much free time, so why did we do that? A few reasons:

  • Performance
    Our widgets were indeed fast before, but we wanted to provide the best experience possible for the users as well as get a perfect page speed score for Google.
  • Future widgets in mind
    We created the widgets in such a way that’ll make it much easier for us to produce new widgets later on. Rest assured - new widgets are coming.
  • Top notch technology
    Some of our widgets are 4 y/o now and were using old technologies with the need for external libraries. No more of that.

How to switch to the new widgets

  • In case you have a widget implemented on your website - it won’t change. In order to implement the newer widget - grab the widget code from your dashboard and replace the existing installation.
  • In case you’re using Wordpress along with our Wordpress plugin - update it to the latest version, that’ll replace all the short codes to the new widgets.

Manual review entries now available directly from dashboard

As this was one of the most requested features from you, our clients, it was important for us to deliver.
You can now, instead of using your Collect page to add reviews, to easily add manual reviews from your dashboard and date it accordingly.

Video tutorials now available

A new set of video tutorials was produced in order to make things crystal clear for all the visual people out there. All videos can be found on our tutorials page as well as on the dashboard left menu. Here’s one for example:

Custom rich snippet schema

Another popular feature request was the option to customize the rich snippet schema. You can now write your own schema and use replaceable parameters (such as [ratingValue], [reviewCount]) to dynamically keep it up to date.

Various feature updates & fixes

  • Extended editing of existing reviews
  • Corrected ‘time ago’ for reviews on dashboard according to user time zone
  • Fixed drag & order of reviews causing duplicates
  • Code editor for Custom CSS
  • Anti gating feature for routing review requests
  • Widgets can now inherit the website font
  • Post tags are now separated by sub accounts
  • Sub accounts search filter

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