How to collect reviews in-store with QR code

March 7, 2021

Are you missing reviews from in-store clients? We’ve got your covered. Now you can use a QR code to your review collect page, place it in in-store flyers, card, table tents and more.
In order to get the best reviews on the right platforms, make sure to setup your Collect page properly first.

How to setup your review Collect page

  1. If you already have a Repuso account - login here. If not - click here to sign up.

  2. On Repuso dashboard, go to “Collect” on the left menu, then “Review Sources” tab

  3. Add your review sources, where you’d like your clients to leave their review

    You can add any review source you’d like here

  4. Go to “Routing” tab and enable the “Routing enabled” checkbox

  5. Go to “Distribute” tab, where you’ll find a preview of your Collect page that your clients will see

Here’s a complete video tutorial for setting up the review collection page:

How to get the QR code for the Collect page

  1. On “Distribute” tab, scroll down and find the “Print QR code and present on flyers / cards”

  2. Click on “download QR code” to get the QR code image

  3. Place it in in-store flyers, cards, table tents, receipts and more

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