Video Reviews: The X Factor In Modern Reputation Management

March 6, 2021. Updated March 7, 2021

Making user reviews a cornerstone of your marketing strategy is now an established best practice. It’s a great way of instilling confidence in your service by providing ‘social proof’ of the value you deliver. A lesser-known fact, though, is just how impactful video reviews are. Studies show that four times as many consumers would rather see a video for a product than read about it. Videos also increase the amount of time users spend on your webpages by up to 260%.
Fortunately, creating video reviews has become significantly easier in recent years. With the proliferation of webcams and smartphones, almost every consumer is likely to have the hardware to easily record one. By asking your customers to create video reviews you can have them produce convincing, affective, and compelling marketing content.
In the following article, we’ll reveal some of the key benefits that video reviews can provide to your brand’s reputation.

1) Video Reviews Are A Very Effective Way To Build Trust In A Brand

Consumers tend to place high value on the opinions of others who have purchased a product that they’re considering buying. A recent study revealed that 91% of online consumers were more likely to use a business that had positive reviews. This is because user reviews are a great way to provide ‘social proof’. In that vein, other people’s experiences are a credible source of evidence as to the quality of the new desired product.
These observations can be turned into a powerful tool for use in your marketing and brand reputation management efforts. By encouraging your customers to provide video reviews, you’re providing a compelling reason to trust your brand or product.
In particular, videos are a more personal way of building trust because other users can actually see the reviewer. This isn’t an anonymous block of text; it’s a real person taking the time to describe their satisfaction with a product. Once potential customers see the positive emotions that a product has elicited in the reviewer, they are far more likely to trust it.

2) Video Generates Higher Conversion Rates

Utilizing user reviews as part of your marketing strategy helps you to influence customer behaviour. And this is where video is a much more efficacious medium than text.
Research has suggested that 46% of people undertake a certain action after watching a marketing video. Additionally, 80% of consumers feel more confident in making a purchase after watching a video about the product. This all translates to higher conversion rates, a key metric that demonstrates the success of campaigns in the end-to-end marketing function. It explains why videos are one of the most effective tactics used by professional content marketers.

3) Video Reviews Bring Your Product To Life For Your Customers

Video reviews are an incredibly effective way to showcase your products. Firstly, videos are a much more dynamic form of media than pictures or text. This helps to bring your products to life. Taking it a step further, you can also show your product in use to vividly highlight the best qualities for prospective customers.
This approach works to both convey and evoke emotions. By showing the practicality of your product along with an existing customer’s enthusiasm about using it, you can pass on that sentiment to potential buyers. This form of psychological suggestion is a proven way to make your product and reviews more real, which can directly boost sales.

4) Videos Are Easy For People To Share Online

In the golden age of social media, it’s a good idea to produce more of the type of content that people will likely share online. To do this, the content needs to be engaging and interesting. Video reviews have a real edge over their text counterparts here. Short clips of happy customers expressing delight over their purchases are much more interactive than static blocks of text.
In fact, researchers have found that social videos are shared up to 1200% more than both text and images combined. Creating these video reviews, then, is clearly an effective way to spread awareness of your brand and products.

5) People Remember Videos More

Another great benefit that elevates video reviews above other mediums is the fact that they are more memorable. Research has shown that people retain 95% of the message conveyed in a video, compared to 10% when reading text.
Part of the reason for this is that videos convey the emotions of a situation more vividly than other mediums. When consumers see the expression on a reviewer’s face, hear the emotion in their voice; it has a far bigger impact on them.
As such, when you place video reviews on your website, you immediately increase the odds of customers remembering your brand. This is beneficial in a couple of different ways. It improves the chances of return visits to your website or store and also improves the likelihood of spreading word-of-mouth about your company.

Maximise Your Reputation Management With Video Reviews

As can be seen, video reviews are a highly effective way of improving your reputation and your marketing efforts. They are impactful, build trust in your company, generate brand awareness, and increase conversion rates. Importantly, they are also very easy to capture with solutions like Repuso.
Implement different measures to encourage your customers to provide video reviews. As feedback on your company, product, or service trickles in, you can start leveraging the best ones as part of your marketing activity. It is a proven methodology, which helps to attract and win new business.

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