July 16, 2018. Updated October 3, 2019

Get your pages stand out on Google search results!

We’re happy to introduce an important feature - rich search results!

How does it work?

When you install Repuso’s widget on your website, we also add a rich snippet to your page along with the widget, according to Google’s requirements, to represent your total rating.
Google will index it the next time it crawls your website and may display your pages (or some of them) along with your star rating on search results.

Google’s September 2019 update
As of Sep 2019, Google has presented limited support for rich results.
Google will now only display rich review results in search for these schema types: Book, Course, CreativeWorkSeason, CreativeWorkSeries, Episode, Event, Game, HowTo, LocalBusiness, MediaObject, Movie, MusicPlaylist, MusicRecording, Organization, Product, Recipe, SoftwareApplication.

Review rich results are no longer displayed for LocalBusiness (our default type so far) and Organization schema types, in cases when the entity being reviewed place the reviews on its own website or controls the reviews themselves. Read the official update from Google.
On Repuso, you can now choose which schema type to assign to your widget’s rich snippet.

What do I need to do to make it work?

Nothing. It’s automatic. If you’re on a paid plan, it’s already active for you.
To enable (or disable) the rich snippet for a widget, go to your widget’s “Layout” tab and change its status:

Also, make sure that your company name and website are accurate under “Account” section. If you’ve setup sub accounts (websites), make sure that every website’s name and url are accurate.

What kind of star rating will show on my results?

We add to the snippet only the reviews your approve. That means that as long as you approve good rating posts, you’re good.
The approved posts that don’t have star rating at all - we consider them as 5 star rating.

How long does it take?

It may take time for Google to pick up your rich snippet, so be patient. It can take a few days or a few weeks.
It’ll most likely be picked up, but it’s not something we can guarantee since Google has the final verdict what to do with the rich snippet.

Where should I use widgets with rich snippets?

To increase chances for stars in search results, it’s recommended not to place the same rich snippets across your website.
It’s recommended to use them selectively on pages you’d like to promote, such as product / service page. On these pages, it’s best to use related product / service reviews (this can be done by tagging your reviews and assign these tags to the widget you’d like to use).

What can I expect from my rich snippet?

Your pages will stand out on Google search and may appear higher in the search results. That will probably result in more clicks and hopefully more sales to your business!
Here’s an example of how the search results look like for a client:

Google’s testing tool doesn’t recognize my rich snippet, is this normal?

Yes, not a problem. For best performance, our widgets are loaded on your page after your content is loaded. So, while it won’t show up on the testing tool, it’s indeed indexed for search results.

If you have any feedback or other comments, please let us know sending us an email!

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